Thursday, February 15, 2007

We're Off to See the Wizard...

In modern American culture, there are hundreds of cultural sub-groups with hundreds upon hundreds of agendas. So how do we, in a whirlwind of opinions, find a comprimise between the radical far leftest groups, and the corporate monsters. We have to recognize that not everybody can be happy all the time, and that what is right for some is not right for everybody, and, furthermore, some things are just not right at all. For instance, the American consumption of natural resources, and our output of waste has clearly gotten completely out of hand. But the solution to these problems is not to ignore them, and it is also not to shut down Starbucks and Krispy Kreme. In order come up with a solution, both sides of the equation need to come to a cease-fire, and work out a treaty that will have the most positive outcome. The problem comes from the hostility emminating from both ends of the spectrum. What most "radicals" today don't realize is that the revolutions that made the greatest impact on today's culture were nonaggressive. If you really want the corporate world to change, organize boycotts, and educate consumers; don't just "preach to the choir."
As consumers, we must educate ourselves, and make desisions based on what is right, rather than what is convenient. Some suggestions: work closer to home, in order to use less energy; ride your bike instead of drive your car (people do it all over the world); make an effort to recycle; be conscious of your energy consumption (refrigerators and dryers use up the most energy in a typical household); eat out less, and eat less processed foods (this is both healthier and more energy-efficient); watch less TV. These are just a few lifestyle changes that can add up to a lot of energy conservation.
Positive living is the key to making change in our society. Real revolutions happen when people are ready to demand a better way of living. We, as consumers, must demand that the corporations that support our economy operate in such a way that the best life is possible for ourselves and for generations to come.

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