Monday, February 26, 2007

Don't Come to Class Stoned

So, I'm watching this presentation, and one of the presenters is clearly stoned. It's pretty funny. This is the same class with you-know-who. Ugh, nausea setting in. Next week, I'm changing seats. I hate being such a bitch, but I seriously can't deal with it.
Anyways, I'm went to WalMart yesterday...I feel kinda of guilty. It's the same guilt that I feel when I like the smell of cooking meat. Usually I try to go to Crest, which is a local grocery store, which is actually cheaper than WalMart, but not open at ten o'clock at night, and they don't have a very good selection of organic food.
There's a press conference with the director of titanic today, who is apparently going to change Christianity as we know it. Unlikely, but we'll see. Christianity needs a little termoil once in a while to keep it on it's toes.
Heres a picture of my baby, I mean cat:

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